MeFleet advisors are experienced professionals, paid to act in
your best interests 100% of the time.

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Expert Advice



MeFleet mechanical advisors help you to better understand and manage your car by providing 100% independent advice.

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Innovation Group

Accident Management

Many people are out of their comfort zone when managing expensive repair costs. MeFleet members can benefit from professionals who manage over 4 million accidents every year around the world.

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Grey Fleet

Grey Fleet issues relate to Employee Safety, Corporate Risk and Duty of Care when people use their personal cars for work purposes. MeFleet assists large and small companies to manage their use of non-company vehicles.

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Help with a new car

“After a number of extremely frustrating experiences trying to buy a car in person, I contacted MeFleet and they helped me test drive and purchase a new car with minimum fuss. MeFleet were professional and efficient – which minimised the amount of time I needed to spend on the entire process.”

- Sean F -