About Us

Our mission is to maximise value and deliver real savings to members.

MeFleet uses people power to create the same savings that large companies obtain through their buying power. MeFleet was founded by experts in big business buying power as well as large corporate fleet management. We enable everyday people to enjoy these benefits.

Our prices are transparent, so you see exactly what’s happening when you pay for something. You can still ‘shop around’ to secure the best deals possible. Knowing the MeFleet price only strengthens your case when you’re talking to other suppliers!
Because it’s so easy to save money, we don’t lock you into a long term contract as we think you’ll stick with us because you want to!

Join our fleet of happy members who are already benefiting from exciting discounts on everyday purchases.

We know you’ll love it!

Help with a new car

“After a number of extremely frustrating experiences trying to buy a car in person, I contacted MeFleet and they helped me test drive and purchase a new car with minimum fuss. MeFleet were professional and efficient – which minimised the amount of time I needed to spend on the entire process.”

- Sean F -